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When will Feudal Kingdoms be released?
We don't yet have a firm release date. We're looking to start the Alpha Test by Fall 2016. Depending on how the testing goes, we hope to release at some point in 2017, but we won't release it until the game is definitely ready.

How much will Feudal Kingdoms cost?
Feudal Kingdoms will be free to play. We will add monetization options at some point, but we pledge that there will never be microtransactions, ads, or pay-to-win mechanics. The top players in Feudal Kingdoms will always be the smartest and most dedicated, not the ones with the biggest wallets.

What platforms will Feudal Kingdoms run on?
Initially, only on Windows 7 and above. Since the game is built on the Unity Engine, it will be possible to add Mac and Linux versions at a later date. We are also investigating the possibility of mobile versions, but those will be supplemental to the desktop versions, not stand-alone.

How can you sign up to be a participant in the alpha/beta tests?
Please fill out this short application to sign up. We'll choose from the applicants as we approach each testing phase.

Is your question not answered here?
Try asking our Community, checking our Wiki, or you can contact us.

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