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Alpha Tester Application

Want to play the game while it's being developed? Apply here to be an Alpha Tester. Alpha Testers will play the game as it evolves to it's final form, offering suggestions and reporting bugs to help smooth out the bumps of game development. With a large-scale strategy game that uses persistent worlds, it's important to test with a wide variety of gamers, from casual players to min/maxers.

Note that applying for an Alpha Tester position does not automatically grant you an account. Alpha testers will be hand-chosen from the applicants. Applicants not chosen for the alpha test may be chosen at a later time to join a larger beta test.

So, why become an alpha tester? Well, obviously you get early access to a brand new video game with never-seen-before features. But beyond that, testers that stick with the game for an entire test cycle will be given early access to future new worlds, and may be chosen to become moderators or admins when the game launches. Plus, the experience gained from playing on Alpha worlds will give you a brief advantage when the game is released, which could be monumental for the first few decades of the game.

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Briefly, describe your play-style in Strategy games. (E.g. peaceful farmer, rusher, min/maxer, casual, trickster, team-player, leader, etc.)

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