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About Feudal Kingdoms

Feudal Kingdoms is a real-time strategy game set in the middle ages. Players use real-world diplomacy to build their empires within the confines of a feudal hierarchy. Each world is procedurally generated, granting a fresh landmass to colonize and claim. Players run family dynasties that can grow and wane with the time, and use the members of these dynasties to carve the world up into regions and factions. Do you have what it takes to vassalize other players and rise to the top?


Feudal Kingdoms will be released as a free-to-play game on Windows PC. Additional platforms may become available with time. Lucid Silence is dedicated to regularly providing fresh content, and promises there will never be micro-transactions or pay-to-win mechanics.

Planned Features

  • Invite-A-Friend: This feature will allow you to invite new players to the game. Should they choose to join, they will have the option of starting as your vassal, or even as a member of your dynasty!
  • Marriage Alliances: Marry off members of your dynasty to other players' dynasties to form lasting alliances... as lasting as the marriage, anyway.
  • AI Obstacles: Sometimes, a player wants to test their mettle without angering an entire faction. Low-level AI targets will form the basis of combat and allow players to learn with low-risk situations before going all-in against other players.
  • Organized Religion: A strong church can provide valuable checks on the powers of local nobles. But, rising to a papal office requires a great deal of respect and maybe a little subterfuge. Keep an eye on the religion of your peasants and neighbors, as fighting for your beliefs is always a noble cause.
  • Naval Warfare: Want to run an island nation? A strong navy will be your primary asset!
  • Raiding: Some cultures took a while to accept the common rules of warfare, instead choosing to raid the coastlines for their upkeep. If a player wants to focus their populace on raiding rather than farming, they may, but this leaves their villages ripe for the taking.

Current Features

  • Procedurally Generated Worlds: From as small as 64x64 tiles (about 50 players) to 4096x4096 (hundreds or thousands of players)
  • Dynamic Region Carving: The first settlers on a landmass will grow their counties and define how the world is divided for years to come.
  • Epic Timelines: The game runs at 120x real-time, turning centuries into years, and allowing empires to rise and fall.
  • Feudal Infrastructure: Players will vassalize other players as time goes on, from a Count vassalizing villages up to an Emperor vassalizing kingdoms. The contract is set so that vassals will fight for their Liege Lord, while lords will protect their vassals and demense. But it will be up to the lord to maintain loyalty in his/her court.
  • Dynasties and Bloodlines: With a timescale of 120x and life expectancy of the middle ages, player characters will die and be succeeded. Successions provide a unique opportunity to break up larger kingdoms while the heir asserts his/her new rank.
  • Village Management: Players build villages up from small hamlets to major capital metropoles, defining the economy and strength with every building or wall placed, and every military unit hired.
  • Dynamic Player-Driven Economy: Crops and resources are bound to the region of the world where they are available. Setting up trade routes with other players therefore becomes essential, and allows for a large-scale economic model that has separate prices per region depending on supply and demand.
  • Armies: Maintain standing armies to have an expensive, but loyal and well trained, army. Or simply recruit masses of armed peasants temporarily to win with numbers. Or both, the choice is up to the player and their character's wallet.
  • War: Sometimes, when diplomacy fails, war is the only option, whether it's to protect the freedom of a player's land, or to assert dominance over another and force them into a feudal contract.
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